Moral and civic education

Moral and civic education pursues three goals which are closely linked: respecting others, acquiring and sharing values, ​​and building a civic culture, which are linked closely to the twelve virtues of Préfleuri. 

The adjective “moral” of moral and civic education refers to the ability to gain understanding of the principles that guarantee respect for ourself and others. This morality is based on the awareness of the dignity and integrity of the human person, and requires the existence of a framework defining the rights and duties of each. 

The civic culture carried by moral and civic education is articulated in four areas: sensitivity, rule and law, judgment, commitment.  At Préfleuri, the culture of commitment encourages collective action, taking responsibility and taking initiative. It develops a sense of responsibility, a responsibility to oneself , to others, and to the environment. This civic culture permeates through all of our teaching, and is at the very heart of school life.