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Préfleuri embraces the world through its internationalism.  Our students come from all four corners of the world and we are careful to maintain a balance between the various nationalities that we welcome.

We encourage our students to share their culture and traditions with their classmates. By discovering different codes and customs, they acquire an openness that time will never erode.

At Préfleuri, students are French or English speaking or speak the language of their own country that is neither English nor French. These students naturally become trilingual and will not fail to teach a few phrases of their own to their peers.

At Préfleuri, learning English and French is assured.

Billingual Teacher
Préfleuri enable students to express themselves in both French and English

Our goal

To enable all students at Préfleuri to express themselves, in both French and English, simply at first, and later more completely and competently.

Our method

Parents choose an academic curriculum for their child but each pupil takes classes, sports and other subjects and activities in the language which is not their study language.

French is also taught by immersion; after classes, in the evenings and at weekends and in the boarding school we speak French.

Is this stressful for the child?

A child has the energy and capacity to learn that far exceeds that of the adult. With gentle support and encouragement the child is receptive and learns in the most natural way possible.

Will the child mix languages ?

At a certain point it is normal for a child to mix languages; this is a temporary phase and has no negative consequences.  The child starts by communicating naturally with the words he knows, and imagines that the speaker knows the languages he is using. This apparent confusion is never a problem, and almost always disappears spontaneously when the child reaches a higher level of command and is able to distinguish between languages.


Bilingualism at Préfleuri means keeping one’s roots, one’s culture, whilst becoming receptive to differences.

It offers the possibility of becoming an actor in a world where communication is the basis of all interrelation and evolution.

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