Pastoral Care

A warm and caring family atmosphere.

Préfleuri emanates a characteristic spirit that allows our young pupils to develop harmoniously.

Your children are expertly cared for every moment of the day and the night.

A dedicated team, committed to its educational mission, provides this framework. It consists of academic and sports teachers, all certified in their field, who teach in their mother tongue. It also includes monitors, educators and administrative and care-taking staff. One of the great strengths of our school lies in its ratio of one adult to every three children.

Under the leadership of Sylvie Ducas-Launay, this closely-knit team organizes the studies and participates in the sports and leisure activities of the children.

The school uses local medical doctors, paediatricians and specialists for any medical problems. Within the school a qualified person is responsible for administering any care or medication your child might need.  In case of an emergency, the nearest hospital is ten kilometres away and has an excellent paediatric ward.

Our chef prepares balanced meals according to the needs of children, their age and their activities. The menu varies with the season and is carefully prepared by our chef (breakfast - lunch - dinner). A light snack is provided after afternoon lessons. Each meal consists of several dishes including abundant fresh, seasonal produce.




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