Academic Programme

In the morning, we organize beginner or more advanced lessons in English and French or academic support and tuition. These courses are optional and we do encourage children to enrol in only one course during their stay. Art and handicraft workshops or sports sessions are organised for young vacationers who do not wish to attend these classes.

Classes are composed according to the ability and age of the children. Children can attend language classes or have tutoring from age 6. Younger children join the kindergarten classes, and are integrated in one of our several small groups according to their age.

Classes are held every day from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm (fifteen hours per week). Our teachers are qualified language teachers and are trained to teach through pleasure and interest whilst encouraging individual and team learning.

In the afternoon, pupils further improve and practise their skills during recreation and sport sessions.

English and French are the official languages ​​of our school. Members of our teaching staff speak French to French learners and English to English learners.



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