French Section

The French section of Préfleuri offers, in a caring environment, education to meet the academic requirements for transition to secondary systems in France or French-speaking Switzerland.

The French section rigorously adheres to the French national curriculum from CP (cours préparatoire, 11th grade, 6 to 7 year olds) to 6th grade (first year of collège or Junior High, 11 to 12 year olds).

Our pupils learn their basic foundation skills through the primary curriculum and are well prepared to start their secondary education full of confidence.

All subjects are taught in French; in addition our pupils receive daily English lessons from our English teachers.

From the CM1 (cours moyen première année, 8th grade, 9-10 year olds), we also introduce German in order to meet the requirements of the Swiss program.

Qualified teachers, experienced in their field, provide instruction.

Our classes are small varying between 6-12 pupils.

During our themed meals and assemblies, pupils have numerous opportunities to make talks and presentations to a caring and attentive community.

Your child’s personal development and fulfilment are our priorities.



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