English Section

The English section of Préfleuri offers, in a caring environment, education that meets the academic requirements for progression to secondary education.

Our English section adheres to the British curriculum from kindergarten to KST3, year 7.

Our classes are small, with 6 to 12 pupils per class.

All subjects are taught in English, in addition to which our pupils have daily French lessons, given by our French-speaking teachers.

Children’s work is continually assessed to ensure maximum progress. At the end of KS1 and KS2 we carry out SATs (Standard Assesment Test). Results of these tests are transmitted to parents in the end of year reports.

While developing their ability to work in groups and teams, our pupils receive at Pré Fleuri, individual and personalized support that takes into account their specific needs and personal rhythm. They are also encouraged in their learning, by sessions that stimulate their capacity to work effectively in groups.

During our themed meals and our assemblies, pupils have multiple opportunities to make presentations to an attentive and caring audience.

The personal growth and development of your children are our priorities.



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